Features and Specs


Blackbox is a fully open source design years in the making. Proven results over multiple iterations creates a solid foundation for a community driven machine limited only by our imaginations.


Build Area = 300x300x275(Z)

Tool-Changing = Up to 5 chassis mounted tools

FDM = Up to 5 direct drive FDM tool heads with excellent positional accuracy via kinematic coupling. Support for multiple hot end configurations. Unique X-axis mounted extruder motor saves cost AND weight.

Watercooling = Passive watercooling of all tools at all times in addition to a passively cooled extruder stepper

CoreXY Motion System = Intuitive belt routing with easy to use tensioning system.

Belt Driven Z-Axis = Extremely fast belted Z axis with counterweight system.

Enclosure = Fully enclosed build volume including a hinged hood

REPRAP = Designed in the spirit of Reprap utilizing easily obtainable and 3D printable parts.


Wiring = Designed with clean and functional wiring in mind.

Bed Leveling and End Stops = Designed to use mechanical switches or digital endstops on XY. Mechanical switch or Duet IR Probe for automatic Z leveling.

Tool Offsets: Fully automated tool offset configuration using the late Danal Estes TAMV alignment system run from a Raspberry Pi.

Heated Bed: Options for 24V and 120/240V heating.